DDI SAS12 Imported Semi-Auto 12 gauge 24″ Shotgun

75th Bunker & Morgan Firearms gun shop in Naples, Florida has recently received a shipment of imported DDI SAS12 Shotguns. They are available for purchase from our Gun showroom floor for $209 each.

The DDI SAS12 semi-auto shotgun is a unique shotgun packed with user friendly features. Similar to the Russian Saiga Shotguns, the DDI SAS12 is an affordable semi-auto shotgun with the benefit of Quick Change magazines allowing for faster reloads aiding in competition, hunting or home defense.

The DDI SAS12 will work with most Saiga 12 accessories on the market like front hand guards, muzzle brakes and magazines! This provides the owner with a wide variety of add-ons to customize their DDI SAS12 to meet any need. Other add-ons include an AK-style pistol grip and an M4 style buffer tube that will allow you to add a collapsing stock.

The DDI SAS12 comes with an ambidextrous sporting rifle style safety selector and left side charging handle which are really what sets this affordable shotgun apart from the rest of the pack.

Chambered in 2-2/4″ and 3 inch shells with an adjustable gas system for quick field adjustment based on the loads. Includes (2) two 3 round factory magazines and will work with most aftermarket Saiga based magazines.


  • Left side charging handle
  • Bolt lock
  • Includes pistol grip
  • Chrome-lined barrel
  • Chambered in 2-3/4″ and 3″
  • Inner tube and buttstock (can be replaced with an AR collapsible buffer tube stock)
  • Ambidextrous AR15 style safety selectors
  • 4-position gas regulator
  • Williams style front fiber optic sight (can be changed out for different heights and colors with off-the-shelf parts)
  • Long sight plane and locking dust cover
  • Reversible single point sling between the stock and receiver; forward sling mount under forearm
  • Includes (2) 3 round Saiga style magazines