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Whether you call them silencers, suppressors, or even gun mufflers shooting with a silencer has become one of the best ways to enjoy your firearm.

While the obvious advantage is shooting without hearing protection, we have found shooting with silencers has many other benefits. It allows us to work with our customers and sport shoot with friends and family in a safer and more comfortable environment by bringing the volume down to tolerable levels.

Additionally you may experience a reduction in flash, recoil, and better aiming consistency due to a reduction in a shooter’s tendency to flinch.

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Pistol Silencer Suppressor Naples, Florida

How to Buy a Suppressor

Fun Hearing Protection

Suppressors make shooting more enjoyable by reducing felt recoil and concussive noise. Suppressors also have home defense and performance advantages.


$120/NFA Item

Rifle Silencer Suppressor Naples, Florida

How to Buy an SBR

Short Barreled Rifles

We believe in making procedures bullet proof! Our NFA transfer process involves informing you about your ownership eligibility as well as how to legally purchase one.


$120/NFA Item

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