Bielcor B300 Niosh N99 Particulate Face Masks

75th Bunker & Morgan Firearms gun shop in Naples, Florida has recently received a shipment of Bielcor B300 Niosh N99 Particulate Respirators. They are available for purchase from our Gun showroom for $45 per box of 12.



NIOSH approved for protection against particulate aerosols free of oils. BIELCOR recommends this respirator for use against particulates such as flour, iron coal and minerals.


  • Vapors, paint spray, oil-based aerosols, asbestos and sand blasting.
  • Any contaminant whose concentration in unknown, or immediately dangerous to life.
  • Concentrations of Dust and Mists which exceed the maximum use concentration or 10 times contaminant’s permissible exposure limit established by OSHA.


  • These respirators do not supply oxygen. Use only in well ventilated area containing sufficient oxygen to support life.
  • Leave contaminated area immediately if the respirator becomes damaged and proper fit cannot be obtained or breathing becomes difficult. Dispose and change the respirator.
  • The respirator has been tested. Small punctures around the staples are normal and do not interfere with the respirator compliance with Part 84 approval requirements. However, it is subject to inspect prior to each use to assure there are no holes in the breathing zone other than the punctures around staples and no damage has occurred. Enlarged holes resulting from ripped or torn filter material around staple punctures are considered damage.


  1. Before occupational use of this respirator a written respiratory protection program must be implemented meeting all the local government requirements. In the United States employers must comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 which includes medical evaluation, training, and fit testing.
  2. Training on the proper use of respirator must be provided by the employer in accordance with the safety and health standard.
  3. Do not alter or modify the respirator.
  4. Not suitable for persons with beard or other facial hear which may reduce the efficiency of respirator.
  5. The use and reuse of this respirator is subject to consideration of hygiene damage and increased breathing resistance. Service time should not be extended beyond 8 total hours of use.
  6. Store the respirators in cool place. Avoid direct exposure of sunlight during storage as the filter media in this respirator can be degraded by extended exposure to direct sunlight.
  7. All instructions and warnings have to be followed. Failure to do so will reduce the efficiency of respirator and cause sickness or death.

The model B300 N99 filtering facepiece respirator had been manufactured by JINFUYU INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. for BIELCOR under TC-84A-3907